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As a member of our team you receive a TrainingPeaks account right away, which will serve as our platform to plan your race season, analyze your data and reviewing your workouts. We believe that each workout needs to have a purpose. Simply running to log miles can lead to boredom and, even worse, injuries. We keep you accountable, which keeps you consistent in your training. Consistency and ensuring that each workout has a specific purpose (speed, endurance, etc.) help to be sure you remain injury-free. Having an experienced coach guide you through the training process will give you the best chances to perform at your optimal conditions on race day.


Structure  Working with a coach takes the guesswork out of training and ensures that you are making the most efficient use of your time.

Feedback Your coach will review your workouts and provide feedback and adjustments as needed. This is the optimal way to approach your training, prevent injuries and train efficiently. In addition we can also provide race day tactics, form analysis and race day nutritional options.

Accountability  We will work together to set realistic goals. Throughout your season we’ll monitor your training to ensure you are on the right path. Your coach will educate, instruct and encourage you during your training, pushing you beyond your comfort zone and keeping you accountable.

Personalization  We recognize that each athlete has specific needs, goals and constraints. For this reason we develop unique training plans for each of our athletes. By not using cookie-cutter plans we are able to monitor your progress and modify workouts if needed.

Coaching is both an art and a science which must address the needs of each person as an individual. We are focused on helping you train smarter and not just harder. Over the years, we have coached athletes of all ages and athletic levels… all achieve amazing results with our coaching.  It has been a privilege joining them on their journey and we look forward to working together with you!

$99 start-up fee
Unlimited communication
Training Progress Feedback weekly on every key workout
Personalized Strength Training
Unlimited Plan Updates
Premium TrainingPeaks Account
Detailed Race Plan & Strategy - all races
Power Training & Analysis - all workouts
$99 start-up fee
2 calls and 2 emails each month
Training Progress Feedback 1x/week
Sport Specific Strength Training
Two Plan Updates/month
Basic TrainingPeaks Account
Race Planning - "A" & "B" Races
$99 start-up fee
1 call & 1 email each month
Training Progress Feedback 1x/month
Sport Specific Strength Training
One Plan Update/month
Basic TrainingPeaks Account
Race Planning - "A" Race

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