Welcome to Prana Endurance Training where we provide a training method finely tuned for each athlete we coach. We recognize each athlete has a unique path towards obtaining their optimal performance… for this reason we tailor each plan we write to meet your needs and adjust to your busy life. Your training plan will adjust as you progress in your training; ideal for those wanting to train with a purpose and make the most of your time.

We pride ourselves in a training system that works and provides tangible metrics to view your progression from season to season. Our coaching platform offers detailed information on each workout, your coach will monitor the athlete’s training log and provide feedback as needed to ensure the athlete is training to their optimal levels. We personally work with athletes of all levels and abilities to help them succeed.

In order to maintain the quality training each athlete deserves and guarantee the best coaching experience possible, we limit the number of athletes that we coach.

So, if you’re interested in our coaching services or have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]

Prana Certification Coaching