What Our Athletes Are Saying…


“Frank Campo is an extraordinarily thoughtful and kind human who will help you transform your running or triathlon dreams into reality. No matter what your challenge (for me, it’s been about transforming from a semi-novice runner into an Iron[wo]man and preparing for a 1,500-mile ultra run), this triathlete and sub-3-hour marathoner can help you explore your current limits and surpass them safely and with joy.” Emilia Lahti — USA/Finland

Emilia Lahti is training to run 1,500 miles across the length of New Zealand, averaging over 50 marathons in 50 days. To bring awareness to end the silence around interpersonal violence, view more about this project on her website.  www.emilialahti.com




“I was stuck in a running rut until I started working with Frank. Within just two months I had a half marathon PR and felt myself getting stronger and faster. Frank’s training pushes you to work hard, but he is also about balance. He incorporated strength routines into my workouts and even days for me to do something I enjoy (hiking). Not to mention he was able to work around my ever changing work schedule. Whether your looking for a PR or just to get in shape, Frank will get you there while having fun and maintaining balance between training and life. ” Elissa R.





IMG_2421“Individual, detailed, superb coaching! Take your training to the next level? Frank’s attention to detail and direct interaction are guaranteed to take you to new heights in whatever distance you are training for, let the coaching of Prana Endurance do the hard work for you.”   Steve M.


“Coach Campo developed and put me thru a series of fitness tests to gauge my fitness level, which I had never done before. The information and explanations that he provided me based on the tests were very valuable.  Based on the outcome of my tests, my Prana  Endurance workouts made me push myself outside of my comfort zone and the reward was exceptional in achieving a higher level of fitness. Building confidence in my ability to compete.”  Kate M.



“Frank’s meticulous, intentional, and well balanced approach to training challenged me to work harder and become a stronger athlete while also being diligent to monitor how my body was responding.  He is supportive, quick to respond, and listens to what you say. Because of Prana Endurance I have been able to accomplish lofty goals and see how much potential there is in the future. I look forward to many more seasons!” Shira C.







Ironman Coach Running 70.3

“Frank’s help was essential as I moved my way from my first half marathon to my first marathon, then my first 70.3 to my first full Ironman and the 70.3 World Championships all in the matter of just a couple of years. His training is spot on and he provides great practical racing insights, tips and strategies that made me so much more confident going into each race.” Ashley C.



giants-half“Coach Frank is a fantastic coach that caters to your personal needs. He’s helped me grow mentally tougher and helped me most recently achieve a new half marathon PR. I feel that I have a lot more potential to tap into and Frank is doing a great job bringing it out of me. I’ve also dealt with some injuries and Frank’s been great about being flexible with training schedules to allow for maximum race performance while staying smart with regards to not over-training. Frank is awesome and highly recommended.”