Coaching Plans

Communication Frequency:  Communication with your coach regarding workout questions or other training related matters.

Bronze – 1 email per month

Silver – 1 call per month and 1 emails per month

Gold – 2 calls per month & 2 emails per month

Platinum  – Unlimited communication phone & email per month


Training Progress Feedback:  Coach will provide feedback on key workouts, as needed.

Bronze – None

Silver – Once a month

Gold – One a week

Platinum – Weekly on every key workout


Strength and Conditioning:  Coach will provide strength and conditioning workouts and instructional videos.

Bronze – Basic strength training included

Silver – Sport specific strength training included

Gold – Sport specific strength training included

Platinum – Personalized strength training included


Training Schedule Updates & Changes:  All plans will be written in three to four week blocks allowing athletes to plan as needed. With the Gold and Platinum level plans, workouts will change as the athlete progresses.

Bronze – No updates or changes

Silver – One change per month

Gold – Two changes per month

Platinum – Unlimited changed and plan updates


Data Analysis – HR/Power/GPS File Review:  Your coach will review and analyze your data files. Feedback will be provided and when needed, schedules and workouts will be adjusted to maximize your training.

Bronze – None

Silver – Once in a training block

Gold – Twice in a training block

Platinum – Weekly


TrainingPeaks Account – Platform to access to workout charts, data file analysis, metrics, and all communication.

Bronze – Basic

Silver – Basic

Gold – Basic

Platinum – Premium


Race Season Planning – You will work with your coach to plan out your season, strategize on how races fit the schedule and set goals.

Bronze -“A” race

Silver – “A” race

Gold – “A” & “B” races

Platinum – Detailed plan and strategy of all races leading to “A” race


* All plan include a one-time start-up fee of $99.00

Bronze – $119/Month

Silver – $189/Month

Gold – $299/Month

Platinum – $399/Month


Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your coaching within the first 15 days, we will refund your first month’s coaching fee. Startup fee will not be refunded.

TrainingPeaks Athlete Account

Basic edition account included for Bronze, Silver, Gold athletes. Premium account for Platinum athletes.  TrainingPeaks accounts allow for access to workout charts, data file analysis, metrics, and all communication.

Startup Interview/Consultation

Before getting started your coach will contact you to talk about your athletic history, experience, training availability, and constraints which may affect your training.

Goal Planning

You will work with your coach to set appropriate goals for the season.

Coaching Consultation

This will be a one-hour consultation via phone call, Skype call, or FaceTime for $99(USD). During this time we can discuss any questions regarding your training and receive an emailed summary of our discussion with notes and follow-up information.