I recently started following the blog of a fascinating gentleman by the name of Chris Brogan. His straight to the point approach and communication style really resonate with me. (Big surprise to those that know me, ha!) I found my inspiration for this post from two of his recent entries on how to focus on what you want to accomplish in 2016.  Here are his ideas for making the upcoming year productive and fulfilling.

YOU Make Yourself Busy”:

Simply put, STOP overcoming yourself; you should focus on one thing which will pave the path toward your greater goals. As my wife would attest I’m guilty of taking the shotgun approach to many things, including my race season and goals for the year. More often than not I become disillusioned and discouraged when I spread myself so thin that I’m not able to give 100% to every task I undertake. Then, I find myself having to take a step back to refocus. It is an exhausting process and SO inefficient. This year I plan on taking Mr. Brogan’s advice and “Chase MY Target, Not ALL Targets”.

I am going to do this by structuring 2016 around three words… a concept again inspired by Mr. Borgan’s post Three Words. The idea is simple – pick three words which can stand together to shape your year. I love the idea of applying this to both your training and non-training life. So, without further adue…

My three words for 2016 are: Life, Health, Focus

Life: this simple word has a deep meaning as it pertains to the one person who gives me strength and sparks every moment of my life – my wonderful wife. Without her support and guidance I would be lost. My mission this year is to make sure to recognize her for all that she does for us and for the “Life” she brings to our relationship which fuels our adventures, my training and coaching.

Health: pertains to taking care of my body and mind. In 2015 I felt OK most of the year, but I was always teetering on the verge of injury. So much so that during the last few weeks leading up to the Houston marathon I sustained a foot injury which almost derailed my race… So, my focus is to make strength, core and flexibility a priority in my training to promote overall physical health. I will also, continue my meditation practice as it provides clarity and the mental relaxation I so often need.

Focus: I currently have a lot of irons in the fire: coaching, work, family and our “5 year plan” (more on this in a future post). As you can imagine, at times this can all get very stressful. In order to manage life my intent this year is it to be more present in each moment and focus on controlling only the things within my control. This will allow me to keep giving 100% to all my obligations, including my personal training and all of the athletes that I coach.

So, there are my three words for 2016, I know it’s already March but don’t worry it is not too late to get your year on the right track. I challenge you to consider which three words to will shape your 2016.