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About us

frank-campoHi, I’m Frank, Owner and Head Coach here at Prana Endurance Training.

I began running back in 2007 and ran my first marathon, The Kansas City Marathon that year. I really enjoyed becoming part of the running community and quickly became hooked on the adrenaline and camaraderie of the sport. Who knew runners were such a tight-knit group, right? Since then I seem to run a marathon or two every year and had some fun with a couple ironman races too.

Over the years I became very involved in the local running community, first in Denver, Colorado and then in San Francisco, California as well. I am a very detailed and super analytical person, so anytime I have an interest in something, I jump right in. I enjoy learning about a subject and sharing that knowledge with those around me as well. Running was DEFINITELY no exception and before I knew it, I was building training plans for our friends and helping people recover from injuries, build speed, etc. I never set out with a plan to become a running coach, it just organically happened and grew out of my passion for the sport.

Finally, in October 2015, Prana Endurance Training was officially launched and I gained accreditations from USA Triathlon, Training Peaks (level 2 certified) and Road Runners Club of America. My coaching philosophy is centered around training smarter and not harder, keeping my athletes injury free and able to maintain a balance with their normal life while performing at their peak.

As an endurance athlete and coach I am passionate about working with others to help them achieve their full potential. My personalized coaching approach will make the most of your time training. I enjoy working with busy adults who are looking at getting faster, stronger and more efficient. Throughout the years I have had the privilege to coach amazing athletes and see them develop beyond their expectations.

I now live in Tulum, Mexico and coach athletes all over the world, from the U.S. to Nicaragua to Lebanon. I am fluent in English and Spanish and happy to speak whichever language you are more comfortable with.


prana-endurance-ashleyAnd I’m Ashley, Chief everything officer at Prana Endurance training. 

Like Frank mentioned, I was the one to give him the extra little push to take Prana Endurance to the next level. I saw how much he loved helping others achieve their endurance sport goals and how dang good he was at it and knew he had to pursue this dream. Now I couldn’t be more proud of every single one of our athletes all around the world! It is so cool to hear about their training efforts and their awesome races, including lots of PRs!

Frank’s a dang good coach and I am in charge of the rest. Taking awesome care of our athletes is priority number one so I help out with all of the other stuff so he can continue to provide the best service possible for all of them. I take care of planning the upcoming retreats, web design (hope you like the new site!), technical issues and big picture planning. While Frank’s the one you probably want to talk to, I’m always available at [email protected] if you need anything at all!

So now that you know us…

If you’re curious if coaching with Prana Endurance Training is right for you… let’s chat. We offer a free 30 minute discovery call and in that time, you’ll know if you’re in the right place. Plus, we’ll be sure you get our free Post Race Recovery Guide and Strength Training for Runners – a 3 part video series to keep you injury free and running faster!

*In order to maintain the quality training each athlete deserves and guarantee the best coaching experience possible, we limit the number of athletes that we coach.*


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